How to adjust extruder offsets

Taz Pro with 4.13.9-expV4 (latest non-experimental release does not print with extruder 2)

How do I adjust the Z-offset between the two extruders? I don’t see a extruder Z-offset setting in Cura.

The printer main menu has a “Z-offset” and the menu, Advanced, window has a “Z-offset”. Are they the same?


If you are using the firmware through 2.13.9 exp v4, you should be able to navigate to the Tool Offset menu to adjust this value.

Menu > Advanced Settings > Tool Offsets.

Note that this is the right sides nozzle offset in comparison to the left.
So you will first want to dial in your left side, then the right.

Typically what I recommend is just doing this during a test print.
Start a print and use the Z Offset menu with “adjust both nozzles” on to get the left side where you want it.
Once you have that dialed in and the Tool Head switches over to the right, turn “adjust both nozzles” off and adjust that right side nozzle up or down to match the lines printed by extruder 1.

Back out once done to save as default settings and you should be good to go!