Dual extruder setup help

I just installed the dual extruder and I really need help on how to set it up properly. Is there anyone willing to help me go through this step by step? Thanks! :astonished:

See https://ohai-kit.alephobjects.com/project/dual_extruder_calibration

Thanks. I am looking for something step by step. Like how to configure each program(printrun, Slic3d…etc) I read the link and I don’t understand the Audriono. I don’t have on hooked to my computer or are they talking about the board on the printer. I really need the help. Thanks :open_mouth:

The dual extruder can be a little tricky for new users. We usually recommend getting a few months of experience under your belt before making the switch. Reflashing your firmware, calibrating extruders, defining offsets, and leveling two heads to a single plane can be a little overwhelming when first starting.

Printrun and Slic3r will operate in the same fashion as the single extruder. The T0 and T1 command can be entered into pronterface to switch between the rear extruder (T0) and front extruder (T1).

Slic3r you will want to be sure to start out with our Slic3r configuration for dual extruders. You can then fine tune it from there to get the results you are looking for.

If you do want to go straight to the dual, please feel free to contact us at Support@lulzbot.com and we will be able to answer any questions as you work through setting up the dual extruder.