how to calibrate flexydual extruter

my nozzles are about 3 inches off how do i calibrate the printing hot ends ?

Not quite following here… you mean the objects are offset by 3" when printed? What software are you using to slice? Probably need to merge the STLs. If using Cura, the following video may apply:


  • Import both models
  • Make sure Cura knows you have two extruders
  • Right click a model and choose “Dual Extrusion Merge”

I followed this a couple weeks ago when I built a TAZ 3 with dual extruder and harden rods with linear bearings for a person.

i am using cura i have merged the two parts together and every thing looks right on cura it knows i have 2 extruders what i was trying to explain was when i started my print on the first layer the pla part was printing in the middle of the bed but when the ninja flex extruder it was offset like the ninjaflex head was extruding but the pla extruder head was aiming

Maybe you need to set the extruder offset. Go to Machine -> Machine Settings, set Extruder 2 Y-offset (measure the distance between nozzles). The offset may require some tweaking, you’ll need to find a dual extrusion calibration print to accurately measure the extruded offset difference and correct the extruder 2 setting.

These instructions may help guide you further through the process:

If that fails, contact Lulzbot support.

THe last two pages/screen of the calibration guide explain how and where to make the changes for the extruder offsets in Cura.

thank you very much i will be testing this out and see if this resolves the issue.

its all working thank you all i had to do was mess with the machine settings in cura a bit.

Glad you got that worked out.