Dual Extruder Software setup

a good write up here:


a mediocre writeup here:


Includes code.

I have a TK-O which has a RAMBo Board and for that I am using Pronterface and slic3r.
After an effort I was able to enhance it(single extruder) to dual extruder but the PROBLEM is that the pronterface is not detecting the second extruder when I send a G-code T1 it shows : echo:T[] invalid extruder-1.
How I am suppose to initialize the second extruder ???

Go thru the links above, if you have not allready.

did you change the firmware in the config_advanced.h to 2 extruders? it’s near the top of that file.

There are also software settings that need to be changed.
I use repetier host, and it is in the printer setup setting in that software.

How to recompile the files to take into account dual extrusion ??
I have made changes into the configuration file but don’t know who to compile it …
Kindly HELP !!!

You need to edit the file in the Arduino software and upload it using that. You can get the Arduino software at arduino.cc.

Anybody know how to get the dual extruders to show up in pronterface?