Dual Extruder V2 hitting metal things in left corner

Can someone Help me figure this out please, i recently just changed my Taz 6 from a single extruder to a dual extruder, and the issue started happening, i don’t know why it started happening.

Did you update the firmware for the dual extruder V2? I believe the latest available is either Marlin_TAZ6_DualExtruderV2_1.1.9.34_5f9c029d1.hex or Marlin_TAZ6_DualExtruderV2_2.0.0.174_aded3b617.hex. You can find those versions at https://devel.lulzbot.com/software/Marlin/.

On my TAZ 6, I haven’t used my Dual Extruder V2 since I replaced it with a Dual Extruder V3.1.

yes i did that, i tried to manually home it in and that fixed that issue. Thanks for your help.