Taz 6 - Random Retracting After Firmware Update

I have been running into an issue with my Taz 6 random retracting the filament, aggressively (it literally sounds like a snapping sound, with the toolhead’s stepper seemed to be trying to get back to a previous tick, quickly), and leaving spots without filament.

This didn’t start happening until I updated to the latest Cura 3.6.29, and the latest firmware to match ( Note I didn’t want to do this, but had to, after I updated my Mini 2, working combating a leveling issue.

I know it has to deal with the update, because, before this, I never had issues with this problem, and even more, it’s not always random. As seen in the photos below, those are 2 separate prints, and yet, it happened at almost the exact same spots. Also, it’s not just the 1st later, and can happen on a later layers. I think it’s even happening on the walls sometimes.

Here are some photos you can see the problem.

I have also included this video so you can hear what I am hearing, and see the gear appearing to “skip” (yes it’s loud, I can hear this happen in my office, which is the room next to the room the printer runs in, with the door closed).

We have identified an issue in the firmware that will hopefully fix the issue you are experiencing. I will edit my reply with the issue on gitlab once that is available to us.

EDIT: TAZ6 digipot current conversion (#64) · Issues · LulzBot 3D / Marlin · GitLab

@joshea You can test our fix for your issue with firmware found Here. Download the hex file and in CuraLE under Manage printers->Upgrade Firmware->Upload custom Firmware, select the file previously downloaded and this should correct the stepper current values.

Please let me know if it does not correct your underpowered extruder problem.

Perfect, I will have to take a crack at it this weekend if that’s okay. I assume just save the file as a .hex?

Yes, The .hex file is the proper format to save the firmware in for the Rambo board on the TAZ6.

This just enforces my suggestion that a document needs to be created that documents the parameters to be used for each tool head. I have created Start Gcode commands for each of the tool heads I own for my TAZ 6 and this firmware update obsoletes many of those changes.

For example, I have to override the PID values for my M175V2 tool head because the supplied values in the Universal Firmware cause my tool head to fail in the supplied Start Gcode. Each of my Standard Extruder V2.1 tool heads (I have 4 with different nozzle diameters) has a different E-steps value so to use the Universal Firmware, I have to override the default value supplied in that firmware and I do so in the Start Gcode.

I suggest a separate document because not everyone will be comfortable with rummaging through the Marlin source files to find the needed information. For inspiration, here is a copy of the master document I’m maintaining:

TAZ_6_Tool_Head_Calibrations.gcode (2.4 KB)

There are probably other parameters that should be included but I haven’t discovered them yet.


@joshea Did this fix your extruder skipping issue?

I just ran a test yesterday, double checked the print (after listening to it as well), and it appears to be working as expected. I didn’t hear or see any signs of the clicking action

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