Dual extruder v3.1 odd jams

Hello, I just got the dual extruder v3.1. All Single extrusion prints have turned out great. But Every time I try to print with both nozzles Either one of the extruders start to make this odd creeking noise when it retracts then jams shortly after. When I go to clear the jam, there is always a large gap between the end of the filament and the nozzle where the filament melts. Its almost as it is not priming correctly or getting caught when priming after a nozzle switch. I don’t think it is heat creep (correct me if I’m wrong) because even though it jammed, i let it print and it eventually started extruding again when the retraction per square cm decreased. There is a lot of resistance when I try to push filament manually even when following the guide of how to load filament
My retraction settings are

Speed: 10mm/s
Distance: 2.5mm
Combing: all

Nozzle change speed: 5mm/s
Nozzle change Distance: 8mm

Slicer: cura (not lulzbot)

Anybody let me know if/what additional info is needed to solve this issue.

Ends of filament

New fan duct to prevent heat creep

Is that PLA? Does it jam at about the same height each time?

It could still be heat creep… Try lowering the extrusion temp (check the recommended range for the filament, usually marked on the spool) and reduce the retraction by a few mm.