Problem with dual extruder

I’m not sure why this keeps happening, but when I’m using the dual extruder, at some point in my print, it fails to properly extrude the primary filament

I’m not sure whats happening at all. I set it to 100% infill and it still happened.

Its even weirder to me because the top layer, if I let the print finish, finishes as it should
But I just get several layers in the middle where its just not complete

Its only like this when I dual extrude. When I use just one head to print a model in a single material, there is no incomplete layers


more pics cuz I cant post more than 1

While we pride ourselves on being helpful, we are not mind-readers and in this case, a picture is not worth a thousand words. Please tell us what printer, what filament, and some of the printing parameters like temperatures.

Ah sorry

Taz 6 with the dual extruder v3
Polymaker PLA and Polydissolve both 2.85mm diameter

Printing at 215° for both

What other parameters would you need to know, I can provide more detail

I’m going to guess (about 95% sure) that this is a heat creep issue. I’d start with upgrading your Dual Extruder V3 to a Dual Extruder 3.1.

You could also take a look at this topic, Instead of a 3.1 conversion, I went with printing and installing the fan duct I described in that topic.

I had a problem with extrusion(single extruder) and I finally noticed that the fan was hitting the nozzle and bringing the temp way down. Check and make sure the nozzle is staying at the right temp the whole time … just a thought.