Dual extruder v3 prints with wrong head midprint and other malfunctions

I work with a TAZ 6 that has a Dual Extruder v3. I have been having many issues with it that I can’t seem to pinpoint.

  1. I will print something and one printer head will stop working and the other one will continue
  2. The printer will work for a layer or some time before making garbled-looking prints. Sometimes it will start printing properly once again.
  3. The wrong extruder will extrude filament when the right extruder should be. Not only does the wrong filament come out, but it’s offset by however far away the extruders are. This also randomly fixes itself.

I cannot figure out what is causing any of these issues or if they’re all related. It seems as though they’re related because they’ve all started happening at the same time and seem to happen randomly.

When you installed the V3 Dual extruder did you need to update to the newer version of Cura? If so did you make sure to clear your cache and remove any instances of Cura from the 2.6.xx branch from your computer? Is this happening with a variety of models? Could you post some photos of the way the failed prints are coming out so we can see the garbled effect you described? My first thoughts are a file error, a settings conflict, or possibly older code from your cache interfering with the slicing process.