Dual Extruder v3

Hiya! I purchased a v3 and it has been working absolutely fantastic so I thought I would let it run overnight. However, when I woke up, I found that the filament had slipped off the bed and was stuck all over the Extruder nozzles. I removed a good amount of it, but in the process, the thermistor wire for Extruder 0 tore resulting in the mintemp issue. Does anybody know how to get the filament off without the Extruder heating?

Unfortunately probably a blowtorch or possible an open flame (candle, tea light) to heat up the heater block and nozzle. Try not to melt the filament completely… if ABS, 180-200C should make it soft enough to unstick and making it easy to peel/scrape off the hotend parts.

Hope that helps.

Edit: A heat gun would work too.


That’s the WORST! Did the print just break adhesion? Or was it a problem with the extruder? I just got mine tonight and will probably set it up in the next few days.

I had a 20 hr print that was about 45 min from completion break adhesion with the single extruder. I tried for a while to break the plastic off of it without damaging the metal block without any luck. It was like the metal was more brittle than the plastic! Once I heated the block up, it pulled neatly away in one go… So, you need to bring the heat! If you cannot replace the heater element, a heat gun would be a good choice as kcchen mentioned, but remember that the extruder has a lot of plastic parts so made sure that you keep the heat focused on the block/nozzle and just get it hot enough to get the plastic soft so it releases.

Hopefully you have it fixed or replaced by now! I’ve torn up a thermistor in what sounds like the same way. I’d second the heat gun. Cheap ones at harbor freight and you focus the heat then back off, then come back and slowly make the block of plastic malleable again.