Filament broken way down


Can someone point me to a guide in taking apart the extruder assembly on the TAZ 5? When trying to switch filaments the ABS filament broke off part of the way up, but it is still too deep to even see. I’ve tried several times to push it back down through with a fair amount of force, but I don’t want to damage anything. If definately seems stuck. Yes, the hot end was heated to 240.


You’ll probably need to remove the extruder from the tool head mount and grab what’s left of the filament with tweezers or pliers. The extruder assembly is held to the tool head through two screws accessible from the bottom of the tool head mount.

Here some basic instructions:

  • Raise the tool head to the top of the Z-axis.
  • Be aware of the wires connecting the toolhead… you can disconnect these, but keep in mind to remove the actual filament you’ll need to heat up to 220C.
  • Remove the fan duct assembly from the mount. You might be able to get away with loosening the back screw and removing the front screw.
  • Unscrew the two screws on the bottom of the mount
  • The extruder assembly can now be removed.
  • The filament should be sticking out from the hotend… heat up the hotend to 220C and remove the filament.
  • Put everything back together.

More info

Hope that helps!

Thanks kcchen_00. I’ll let you know how it goes.

This was a surprisingly easy fix! I took off the fan per instructions, then took the screws holding the metal printer head out. I then separated the head from the plastic above, and wiggled it out. The ABS chunk that was blocking the filament from going through was a very small piece at the beginning upper hole of the printer head above the heat sync. I just took a small 2mm pointed circular file, and light pried it out of the metal mouth. This area of the printer head must stay too cool to be influence by the heat below. I didn’t have to heat the head for this fix. Of course, I calibrated afterward, and now it’s back to happy printing! (though I do need a new sheet for the heated bed. It’s been peeling up in the center.)

Thanks man!

Awesome! Good job.