[Dual Extruder v3] Disassembly of extruders from heat break

I have posted about this before, but there is filament that is stuck in the heat break of my E1 extruder. I have disassembled it, but I want to know what the safest way of getting the extruders off will be? I have pictures of my issue and would appreciate any help. I just don’t want to mess something up with this and hurt the printer head.

At this point you could probably separate the heat break from the heatsink by unscrewing those very tiny allen head screws, use the smallest Allen wrench from the kit that came with your Taz 6. Once separated you can use a heat gun or flame to melt off the plastic.

Rather than taking it all apart… what I have done in the past to clear this is heat up a paper clip with a handheld torch to red but not white hot and pushed the crud out the nozzle (no force just let the heat do the work). Don’t let it cool too much as you don’t want to get the metal stuck in you hot end.

EDIT: I should state this may not be the right thing to do. It is just what I did. The paperclip had no sharp corners to score the filament path. And I followed up with several cold pulls to get the remaining crumbs out. I never did find a good profile for nVent.

Before taking it apart, try blocking the cooling fan and heating the nozzles to the filament temperature (or a little higher). With the cooling fan blocked, the nozzle heat should “creep” into the upper block and the filament can be pushed out. I use eSun cleaning filament to do the pushing and once everything is cleared out, unblock the cooling fan, turn off the heat, and do a cold pull of the cleaning filament at around 100C.

If the stuck filament is PLA, using Nylon or ABS to push it out should also work. The eSun cleaning filament has a very wide temperature range and is very slippery making for excellent cold pulls.

I installed a tiny micro-switch on the red wire to my 5v fan. That’s how many times I have had this happen. I am sending two of my printheads back tonight to get rebuilt by a professional.