Dual Extruder

When I added the dual extruder I was really excited but I have had nothing but problems. I am currently trying to print something using only one color but don’t want to have to change the extruders. So I only have one color loaded in the T0 (back) extruder. The problem seems to be that the front extruder is being dragged through the still soft material left by the rear extruder print. This is leaving a film of material all over my surface and in my prints making them look terrible.

Is there anyway to fix this? Can I just turn off the front extruder so it doesn’t heat up (I think that may help)?

Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello ,
It sounds like you need to adjust the 4mm Allen screw to raise the front nozzle. It should not drag if the nozzle height from the PEI is set correctly.
Photos always help!

Yep. Make sure to establish the correct initial nozzle height for both extruders.