Taz 6 Dual Extruder Problems

So I went through the online instructions TWICE and I am running into the following…

When I print my “Keychain” sample after setup, it comes out fine.

When I go to print a new dual extrusion print, the rear hot end is touching the build plate and the front hot end is at proper height. This problem causes the filament in the rear hot end to jam against the plate and the gear grinds into the filament.

No matter how many times I raise and lower the front hot end, the same problem occurs.

When I send it “Home”, the rear end barely touches the edge of the home button, and not the center of it. Then, when the heads clean against the cleaning pad, they move around considerably and do not appear to be centered on it.

Can someone give me some guidance on these issues?


Well, the back extruder is set through the auto-level process. So if its to low initially, the auto-level process is the problem. Check that the nozzles and discs are clean. Make sure that during the auto-level process, the bed does not deflect and the nozzle just touches the discs momentarily. This will ensure the print plane is parallel to the bed.

If you’ve set a Z-offsets in the LCD, try resetting. Calibrate the initial height of each nozzle individually. Print 2-3mm of a calibration cube using T0 and look at the bottom. The extrusion pattern should dictate whether to adjust the offset. Once you’re happy with T0, perform the same steps with T1. BTW, Cura does a terrible job with trying to print with only one hotend. Instead of the Z-offset, use the adjustment screw…

Hope that helps… your issues seem related to the auto-level not creating the proper print plane.

Good Day,

I have been having a similar issue but my issue i noticed from the firmware update for the flexydually v2. The single extruder worked perfectly with homing and z-height calibration. The minute I switch the head and load the firmware, it wont home. Is there a parameter we can change in the firmware so we can shift the z-axis homing location? I’ve been looking for the location of such a change in the source code but it is very convoluted in there.

I keep seeing people talk about “setting Z offset”, but I cannot seem to find detailed step by step instructions as to how exactly to set them. Also, I recently tried to set up the dual extruder head again, but now I am running into “Probe Fail Clean Now” error message. The nozzles do not line up with the wipe pad and the rear nozzle barely touches the home button.

What exactly is going on?

Wild guess is the toolhead isnt fully seated in the carrier. Im pretty sure the rear extruder nozzle is the exact same position as the single toolhead. After screwing around w calibration and switching toolheads a number of times, i realized mine wasnt seated fully. I had to use both hands to squeeze it down and lock it in correctly.

My offset y offset is dead on 50 and x is only 0.01 off. Surprised the hell out of me. My numbers were 5x off that previously. It drops in now w no resistance.