First Layer Issue

I can’t seem to get my first layer right. Either the extruder lifts up filament when it makes a quick move or, if I lower the z endstop a tiny bit, it flattens the filament too much and it’s extremely hard to remove. I cant seem to find the right balance. Any tips?

A lot of settings can be tweaked… provide more info about your machine type, filament, slicer and settings…

It sounds like you are too close already. Can you slide a business card between the nozzle and PEI bed surface? Should be some slight resistance. Once you establish this, use the Z-code offset in your slicer software to tweak nozzle height. If you find a good offset, you can try translating back into your endstop knob (I generally use quarter turn = ~.1mm change)

If you’re printing ABS and its not adhering to the PEI bed, give it a sanding with a fine grit to revitalize.

Try printing the attached disc, and inspect the bottom for uniform extrusion infill pattern. It can help determine if the bed is level.

Post a picture of the bottom of a calibration cube. Members of the community can critique and advise better.
-Calib Disc 100x1.5.stl (95.2 KB)