Dual Extrusion Merge- Cura 2.6.52- How?


I’ve downloaded the newest Cura for Lulzbot and have begun “moving in” to the new program by setting up my various print heads (Taz 6) and playing with the new controls.

To cut to the chase, I have added and set up the Dual Extruder V2, opened two separate parts (of a two color print) on the build platform, and have been thus far unable to “Dual Extrusion Merge” the two in the same way that I used to in a previous version of Cura. There are three options at the bottom of the menu that appears upon right-clicking the second object (with 1st object already selected): Group Models, Merge Models, Ungroup Models. All three are"grayed" out, and cannot be clicked. I have not found a dual extrusion merge option anywhere else. I have been able to assign each model with it’s own print head, however.

Please help!

P.S.: I’ve crashed the new Cura 4 times in the past hour! I don’t think I’m pushing it too hard :open_mouth:


Hello Mike,

Sorry for the issues, lets see what we can do! In order to merge models, it will work much like original Cura.

First load in both STL files.
Right click on each file, and select which extruder you would like to print with it. (You can now set individual profiles per toolhead!)
Select both models by holding shift, and left clicking each one.
Now right click either model and select merge.
You should now see two shades in your model, one representing each part of the model:

As for the crashing you a running into, can you share the version of Cura, what printer, model files, and what operating system you are using? (Feel free to PM me if you would like to keep it private.)

Cura for Lulzbot- 2.6.52- Windows 10, 64 bit, Taz 6 Dual Extruder V2

Model: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:329436 <----- the smaller of the models.

Also, @Brent.I, the order of operations you suggested seems to solve my intitial problem. Hope the info on the crashes helps.

@Sulliv26 Glad to hear you are up and running! We appreciate the report, and will see if we can’t duplicate it on our end to find a cause.

Thank you for the follow up, Brent. FYI, many display issues with 4k screen and worse when switching between a Dell dock with dual monitors and 4k laptop display. +5 more crashes today so far.

Ahh, I am sorry to hear that. Would it be possible for you to open up a ticket here? https://code.alephobjects.com/project/board/10/

This sounds like one that we may need some of our software people communicating directly with you, as they might have some follow-up questions.