Problems printing with dual extruder

Hey, I got a flexdually TAZ 5 v 2, I know it prints well, however anytime I design something and try to dual extrude merge it, it turns out like this :astonished: , I don’t know what is wrong, looking for anytype of help.

Hmm… are you designing the object together and keeping the same origin? What software package?

With Sketchup, I design the object in one file. Group objects of similar color and export each as a separate STL. That way I know they have a common origin.

thanks, I did figure it out.
I use Solidworks. I wanted to show you the final product but keep on forgetting to take pictures and screen shots. So, I did figure it out. Pretty much what I did wrong was when you want to print 2 parts with a dual extruder you have to make an assembly and matte it, 3 points, usually I do temporary axis (you have to switch this on), then the bottom faces, and a point that both of them meet. So 2 coincidental mattes and a parallel (even though it could be different, Im just telling you what works for me). Then (drum roll please) you have to save the STL files as SEPARATE, so hence you got 2 STL files when you pull it up on Cura, the rest it straight forward, depending on what color you have your dual extruder set to. Anyway, the gingerbread cookies turned out great!

Can you phrase that at all differently? I’ll be looking around too, but I just got the new v3 head. Did a simple thing like your’s for my first try. Did onepart, then made another part in place, but floated it and matted the origin to each part. Cura didn’t seem to like that so I’ve just been manually moving them into place on top of each other.

Not needing to do that would be great! Some of the dual extrusion stls I’m getting from thingiverse auto merge when you merge them, some just drop together.

Anything you’ve found from experience is helpful.

Yah, sure, sorry, I did read my last post and it was kinda of confusing.

Pretty much it first starts with the program your using, you shouldn’t do anything in CURA other than print. All the alignments and such has to do with the program you used to make the part. As soon as you left click Dual extrusion merge, it should automatically put it how you wanted it.