Dual fan duct with single fan (TAZ 5)

I had to print a few small PLA parts in the last days, where I recognised one more time that a single sided cooling isn’t suficient in this cases. I searched the forum and Thingiverse, recognising that nearly everyone is solving this problem with a second fan and duct on the left side.
But there is no reason to mess with splicing the extra wires and buy a extra fan, the original one blows enough air for two outlets. It’s in fact blocked by the original small duct opening.

So I designed a simple drop-in solution with uses no extra hardware :sunglasses: Works like a charm, no more molten edges even in realy small details!

Look at Thingiverse for details.

Here is a picture. No it’s not the christmas edition, red is the only color I have for PETG :wink:

And here a part comparison. Upper one with single fan, right endgle molten. Lower one with the dual:

Neat! How balanced does the airflow seem to be so far?

Balancing was also my concern during the design, thats why I added a wall that separates the right fan duct in two halves. I can’t feel any difference in the air stream strength.

Clever design! Very well thought out. I really like the splitter to balance the flow on both sides.

Like a lot of folks, I’ve had problems with the airflow coming from only one side, on a number of prints.

I’ve grabbed the files from Thingiverse, it’s my next printing project. I’ve got black PETG in the printer now, perfect for this.

Thanks for posting the files for this!