Dual Toolhead based on Flexion Extruders

Just letting people know I posted a design for a dual extruder based on the flexion extruders. I intend to use it for all combinations of flexible and inflexible materials.

Its working really well. The very first print is attached after setting the e-steps and calibration cubes

I used orange Ninjaflex and E3D Edge as they were the only 1.75mm materials I had on hand.


Cool. I’ve been interested in how well the flexion extruder works.


I ordered the Dual HT.

I am still waiting on the bracket from Misumi. I am not impressed by that company. Overpriced, slow, non-responsive and overpriced shipping.

I’ve printed out all of the parts and installed heat-serts.

I modified the stabilizer because no matter how I printed it it would warp.

I should be getting the hardware from McMaster tonight so I printed out the L-Bracket (as you can see in the second picture) and I am going to pre-assemble it. The L-Bracket from Misumi won’t ship till at least Thursday the 16th.

Something of note for those following the build, as you can see in the picture of my 3D printed L-Bracket, I drilled the 11.5mm holes on the to the left of the holes, I have since reprinted and corrected. for those following this thread, this is important before you drill into your $50 bracket.

Once I have finished the build per your instructions donute, I will probably work on some modifications to lighten the extruder up a bit more.

Thank you for your design, it was just what I was looking for.


Good luck with the build. I’ve been using mine a bit more and it is no joke when Lulzbot say that dual extruder printing should be undertaken when experience is gained. While the unit performs fine, there is just that much more that has to be paid attention to.

But, I did this for my workplace and understand your criticism of Misumi. I work with all European equipment so our whole facility is metric which Misumi is good for. Misumi is good when its not your own money being spent and its one of the few places where you can order semi-custom materials direct from a “catalog”.

Another little tip that you might want to address in a version 2.0 or at least as you build this one: Pay attention to the wrench flats on the extruder barrels during assembly…aligning them correctly from the start will make changing nozzles a lot less painful later. Ask me how I know…


Thank you for your input. Yes, I am following your build first. I did make an alternative stabilizer because of how it was printing out, but inevitably ended back with your design as using a different version doesn’t allow the fan shroud to fit.

As for dual extruder familiarity, I already have a DaVinci Duo, so I am at least already familiar with the software/design side of it.

For me I am building this extruder for three reasons:

  1. So I am more comfortable with the components in an extruder.
  2. Because those that have built this seem to have had good luck with improve printing quality as well as faster and higher quality flexible materials.
  3. Because I was looking at Flexy Dually v. Dual Extruder from LB and didn’t want to have to buy two different assemblies. This should address both of them for 1 price.

    Following your instructions, it appears in a few places you used different size fasteners that I did (or at least what you have listed on your build)

As for positioning, I am using a 3d printed L-Bracket first (until my order from Misumi is ready) to do a dry fit. There are a few areas where I have to be sure I have it positioned correctly, it also will help with routing of wiring and such. I am taking this build slowly and methodically, but still the warnings are appreciated.

Right now I am waiting on the L-Bracket and a second harness connector which was out of stock.

My first post on here so please be gentle. I’ve been printing for about a year using the Taz 6 and it’s great, no problems using the different heads and even the dual flexistruder.

I’ve come to change heads to the dual flexion and have had no end of trouble. Managed to get the head to extrude material and level using the auto level but whenever I go to print it just wipes the head goes to the corner to test the level and then rewipes, repeats until an error occurs. The head is cleaner than the cleanest thing you can imagine!

Does anybody have any ideas as to where I’ve gone wrong please?

I’m using the standard dual flexystruder Cura software but to no joy.

Has anyone had issues with the V2 firmware not lining up the print head correctly for the autohome function? If so, what was the fix?

Pics of the problem:
IMG_972810919 IMG_972710918