Dual Extruder Options?

So I’ve had my Taz 5 for about a month now, and I’m starting to look at dual extruder options. I am wanting to get a FlexyDually or something as close as possible to print ninjaflex but also print abs and other materials through the same nozzle. I have been in touch with Lulzbot and they have informed me that both of their dual extruders are getting an upgrade sometime around June, but I’m curious if there are people who have rigged a nice dual extruder to their Taz and had good results? Again, I’d like to be able to do ninjaflex on at least one but still print abs/pla on both. Is that even possible? What dual extruders are you rigging to your Taz?

Hi ansonwing,

Follow along with the development of the new Dually 2.0 here:


Flexystruder 2.0 development is also progressing:



Any news of when to expect these to be released? I was told by LB that it would be sometime in June, is this still possible?