Dual V2 now a boat anchor

Well I am being told by support that I can’t buy a thermistor nor a hotend anymore. Does this mean my Dual V2 just became a boat anchor?

No one makes an equivalent termistor? Is there new hotends I can use other than the AO’s?

I just bought this about 2 years ago. Seems like a $500 item should not be obsolete in such a short time.

Lulzbot doesn’t seem interested in selling a lot of parts. But, there are other companies who apparently see that as an opportunity… I think this might be the thermistor you’re looking for: https://itworks3d.com/product/thermistor-3d-printer/

[Edited to add: they seem to be out of stock as well… e3d-online claims to have them, but you’ll have to get them shipped from the UK… ]

LulzBot does have Marlin sources with config files available for all of their toolheads, past and present. Knowing which Marlin thermistor model is currently used should help you find one that uses the same algorithm. The firmware has the ability to adjust the PID values.

E3D did have them. Took like 3 weeks to get here.