replacement hexagon Thermistors?

Quick question if someone has a moment.

I was building my flexystruder hexagon and I managed to snap off, and then promptly loose my thermistor for the hexagon hotend itself. I have no idea where it went. I see the 100k epcos thermistor in the store, but I think the hexagon hotend uses a different one than that.

Is the epcos unit the correct thermistor for that? or if not, do you have a stock of the other kind, and would you sell me a couple of them, either individual thermistors, or prefferably the assembled thermistor wire bundle?


I would just give Lulzbot a call when they open up, I’m sure someone there will be able to get you hooked up

Yeah… support would be the definitive source.

From the internet, RepRapDiscount describes the original Hexagon Thermistor as “100K (Type 1)”. Searching for that description points to this article from Makerfarm which talks EPCO thermistors and Marlin FW:

It kind of isn’t really a support issue, the thermistor was fine, I dropped the mostly assembled toolhead and caught it by the thermistor wire, then managed to lose the thermistor when I went to solder it back on. I dropped it in the middle of a clean kitchen floor, with nothing for it to even possibly hide under for a 20 foot radius in any direction, and still managed to somehow lose it. I think it may have dimensionally teleported and or timeshifted. At any rate, it’s broken due to user error, not anything on the manufacturer side, so I’d rather just buy a replacement than bother them too much, but I’m not sure which one it is heh.

What I mean is give them a call and they can probably sell you a new one. Just tell them what you are looking for and they can either sell it to you or let you know where to get one.

I bought a Hex hotend before Lulzbot started selling them separately and I asked them if the one it came with (EPCOS 100K thermistor (type 1)) was the same as they supplied in the new unit and they answered " the one you have should work just fine".

Apparently the Epcos ones are out of stock in the store anyways.

I bought a few of these as spares:

Or it could have been these:

They even come pre assembled! Sold!

If anyone is planning on getting a replacement thermistor, the Makerfarm ones are too big to fit the Hexagon Thermistor hole. Trying the other ones when they get here

They are just 100K thermistors correct? So you either need a Negative or Positive temperature coefficient and in a certain size. I wonder if these folks have any? This is for the NTC but you can find the PTC also.

Thanks for the info… keep us posted. Interested in getting some that work…

It appears we have the correct thermistors, they’re just terminated (pins installed) to the length needed for the Mini, so splicing an extra 2" of wire should be straightforward.
We need to test a few to ensure they’re the right ones, but will hopefully have the two versions on the website soon.

Cool, ill grab a few as soon as they are up. Thanks!

Here you go
The 180 mm “splice in your own extension to length” version is probably what you’re looking for.

Ordered a pair of them, thank you