Dual V3 Heatsink Mod?

Thinking of ways to fix the “heat creep” on the Dual V3 toolhead. While looking at the heatsink, (I am no expert in thermal design), but it looks like a horrible design for heat dissipation. You have both nozzles heating up a large chunk of aluminum that has shallow thick fins. It seems to me that it needs to be redesigned or modified to have the following:

  1. Thinner (and higher count) fins to help dissipate the heat quicker
  2. Less aluminum material around the filament tubes so heat can be conducted away quicker

I am tempted to get my dremel out and start to make some changes. I need to see if there are replacements available in the event that I screw it up. I just thought I would see what other users thoughts are.


Yes the mono heatsink for dual extruder is a horrible design and succumbs to heat creep, it has been discussed many times over the years on this forum. Best solution I’ve come across is to install an 80mm Noctura fan and print off the accompanying duct. Sorry, you’ll have to search this forum for the thread, I can’t find it since they’ve switched over to this format. I could never find the heatsink they used so, proceed with caution and good luck with the redesign and keep us posted! Or… perhaps put your effort towards building a dual Hermès print head; use the latest and greatest!

I am using the duct linked below with the original fan. With careful rearranging, the original wires can be used. After reading the description of how it works, I can understand why there is a problem with the original design. There are also fans available with a higher CFM rating but so far, I haven’t needed them.