Duel V3 Heat Creep Fix

Hey folks,

I know I’m late to the party, but I managed to fix my Lulzbot Taz 6 Duel Extruder v3 heat creep issues by replacing the 40mm fan that comes shipped with an 80mm fan from noctura. The modification uses all the same bolts as the original fan and secures the new fan to the converter with the rubber bits that come with it. I directly swapped the wires that went to the old fan into the new fan. Before this I spent several months tinkering with settings with no success but with this modification I got perfect prints in PLA and PVA with default settings in my first print. I have since run prints which continued without error for over 24 hours. I’ve attached the modification plans and the STL of converter/duct I am using on my printer. The one I have installed is printed in PETG.

Fan I used: https://noctua.at/en/nf-a8-5v

Let me know what you all think!
80mm Duct v25.STL (141 KB)
drawing.pdf (116 KB)

This is the best solution to the heat creep problem on the dual v3 and I’ve tried all the other solutions with little to no improvement. With this setup I was able to print through a whole role of PLA within a week and printing back to back to back! Previously I was practically guaranteed a print failure when printing back to back if the first print were successful. My dual v3 is reliable again! Thank you for posting this solution and uploading the 80mm duct.stl file and the link to the fan on Amazon.


You have no idea how many of your posts I read through searching for a fix. I am so pleased that your duel v3 is working now.

I have printed the new fan duct and mounted the new fan and will test it out soon. I’m a machinist by trade and have access to some mold making materials. I would like to make the heat sink out of Ampco 940 which has a lot better cooling properties than stock Aluminum. Is there a drawing of this heat sink so I don’t need to reverse engineer this. This would be very helpful.


Now you gotta send me the final product for “testing” purposes. :smiley:

I just used a spare 40mm 24v fan and had to wire the fan power into the power supply, I originally had issues with high temp filament so on all my printers they were converted to 24v cold end fans

Once I get my toolheads back I will be attempting this mod. The person re-building my toolheads is adding a connector for the fan that I bought.

Has anyone tried water cooling the head?

I’m sure someone has tried but weight is the enemy. You don’t want the cooling solution to add weight to the tool head and I believe water cooling will be heavier than air cooling.

The solution I’m using is Dual V3 Heatsink Mod? This duct uses the original 40mm fan.