E3D Titan Extruder.

Anyone thinking about trying to put this on their TAZ? Noticed this came out a few days ago. Figured id get some of you guys who are bit more dialed into the 3D printing ecosystems views, before considering making the switch over. (not entirely happy with heat creep issues on my Hexagon, considering the complete swap over to the E3D system.)


In trying out an e3dv6 now, not really looking to swap out the extruder on my machine though. The titan looks a bit underpowered to me. I dunno, I might try it later though.

I like the compact design, but I’ll probably try a direct drive extruder before another geared. A compact extruder would be good for a side by side dual extruder.

Bought and installed one the other day, see my posts and pics in the other thread: