Any thoughts n the E3D Titan extruded?

Saw a YouTube video of this new assembly from e3d. Wondering if there are any thoughts around it. Is it a potential improvement over the stock Taz unit?

I was just considering starting a thread about it. I like the idea of having one extruder for both hard and soft filament. I don’t know enough about extruder design to know if their claims are worth anything though.

Its an interesting geared design. I like the compactness of the extruder. The replaceable guide for printing both 1.75 and 3.00 is interesting also… and seems to extend close enough to the bearing and hobbed gear to work with flexible filaments.

I’d give it a shot… but would require a mount for the x-carriage.

I ordered one and it arrives today. Once I get it installed and run some quality tests I’ll post my results (and any custom parts I may need to print)

I have one on the way as well. I think it might need a half height motor to fit on the carriage without pushing the nozzle tip forward of the stock location.

I’m curious to see what people think of it, the ideas seem decent, but real life sometimes doesn’t cooperate. I’ve seen people suggest the short stack NEMA 17s to reduce weight saying that the gear reduction should still have plenty of torque.

Wonder if one could mount the Hexagon stuff to it… Then I wouldn’t have to build a wiring harness… Just me feeling lazy. :smiley:

So I just got it installed into the printer and it’s heating up to 285 for the final nozzle tightening. It was a LOT of work, requiring a whole new X carriage - I think thats the proper term - the piece that the motor, gears, etc all mount to with the ‘blade’ at the bottom that self centers on the X axis.

I went with a design that has the motor flush with the back of it, touching the X carriage piece. I figured that this way, as much of the motor weight as possible as as close to the X rails as possible. The farther out you put it, the more it could cause the rails to twist, giving you some sag. Closer center of gravity.

Because of that I had to move the fan that cools the print to the other side (and reverse it’s angle).

The stock fans that come with it to cool the heatsink are 12v, I decided to connect them to the Extruder 1 Fan output, and if you run that at 50% speed, it gets 12v, and works great. An added side effect is I can turn the fan off when not printing.

It was a LOT of work. I’ll post pics and stuff in a bit once I get this going and do a few test prints.

My TAZ extruder had extra crap on it - a capacative leveling system, an extra fan on the heat sinks. It weighed 762 grams.

The new one, with the Titan, with the same/equilivant equipment on it weighed in at 611 grams - 20% less weight. That’s using a standard NEMA17 motor, NOT one of the shorter ones. Didn’t spend the money on it yet. If I switch up to that smaller motor, I’ll probably knock off another 20% in weight.

I’m not sure how much reducing the X carriage weight by 20% will effect print quality/max speed, but at 20% less mass to accel/decelerate, it HAS to be a decent improvement.

Welp, I’m pretty sure I was shipped 12v heating elements with my E3D nozzles instead of 24v.

I was about to post that I was shocked how quickly the hot end heated up, it was making 9 degree jumps at a time. I got it up to 285 and realized I couldn’t reach the nozzle to finishing tightening it, so I jog the Z axis up a few times, then it stops. What? I look at the LCD - thermal runaway protection error. Probably because of the 285 I’m trying. So I reset the printer, hit 280 this time, and it doesnt heat. At all.

Fuse still works (the extruder fans are on).

Pretty sure I just killed the 12v heating element. Looks like I’m going shopping. I’ll post a test print update once I finally get a print done.

My Titan arrived last weekend. I am looking forward to seeing your mount.

Ok, made a mount which had issues and I’m now printing v2 of that mount (using the v1 to do it! I love how meta that is :slight_smile: - the main issue was support for the motor/hotend. It had some sag, so I added some supporting structure.

The files and details are available here:

Here are two very prototype pics of v1 of my mount. Excuse the wires everywhere - I keep modifying things and learned a long time ago not to clean it up and make it pretty until I know I’m not tweaking anything else. Like I said, version 2 in the link above has extra support structure to it to keep the motor/hotend from sagging. Those supports are not in the pictures below:

How does the forward / aft position of the nozzle compare to stock with this setup?

At least the height of the stepper motor… unless mounting backwards, then could be pretty close to stock.

I’ve been working on a dual side by side for a friend, using the half height motors is about 40mm+12.5 for the hotend.

Ohhh…that sounds like it might then be possible for 3, or even 4 extruders?

I was thinking… if you turn it 90 deg CCW, you could get the hotend pretty close to the stock hotend.

As for 3-4 extruders… definitely possible, but then you’d need a different control board.

You could, but then getting the faceplate off to swap hot ends or to clear a jam would be a major pain in the butt. Thats why I mounted it front facing - but - it’s all personal preference.

Even with it somewhat off on the X axis and much further forward on the Y, it was simple enough to loosen, shift, and retighten the bed so it’s centered, and I still have 100% of the bed to use.

Front facing would be my preference also.

One of the attractive aspects of the Titan is access to the hotend. Making dedicated hotends for filament types feasible.

I love the Titan. Reduced my extruder weight by 20%, I can go 1.75 or 3mm without hassle, and can print flexible without a $300 upgraded extruder.

My only complaint is I wish it were easier to swap hot ends. A quick release system would be great for a v2 Titan. I may even try modding my Titan for that. Only need to reengineer the front plate. Hmm. Looks like I have a new project for today!

Also planning to add a self adjusting sled for my capacitive probe to further reduce weight, plus auto accommodate different head heights.

Swapping hotends should be pretty easy… put some thumbscrew caps on the 4 M3 socket cap screws for toolless cover remval. I’d ungroup the connectors for the for the hotend (heater, and thermistor) and fix it on the mount so that it can easily be disconnected for swapping.

After a few revisions on the dual extruder idea, it looks like we’re going to put the extruders face to face. The mount will allow for the extruder assembly to be removed for servicing and swapping for dedicated filaments. Keeping the hotends centered on the mount will hopefully reduce the need to level the nozzles individually… Still early, but seems feasible if we can find the space under the mount for blowers.

Very interested in purchasing one of these. I have a taz 4 with an e3d v6. I bought another e3d v6 to make a flexystruder, but this looks to be the ticket. Has anyone compared the flexystruder vs. The titan? Also not to change topics but Ive been wanting to get a palette , and now with titan being able to swap easy to 1.75 mm filament, I can. Has anyone used the palette?

Any chance you finished a dual titan dual e3d v6 carriage/mount? I am desperately searching for one. Also looking for a chimera mount for Taz 5.