I'm building a Taz 6 E3D Titan/V6 24V 3mm Volcano setup!


Inspired by this E3D mount for the Taz 6, I’ve decided to build an E3D Volcano!

The goal is to end up with a lightweight Lulzbot quality E3D setup that is plug and play.

If interested, I can spend the time to do a write up on how-to, performance and comparison to the Lulzbot Hexagon hotends. If all goes well, I may build an E3D Chimera setup.

I also ordered a dozen pancake steppers to experiment with lightening the stock Lulzbot hotends, some users report it works well with the Wades setup. We shall see!

NBMoretto has designed a very cool hybrid bowden chimera / cyclops titan dual extruder. I have a version of the toolhead desgned but I’ll let him decide if he wants to make the files public. He has several threads on it so look it up. Just so you know, it will never be plug and play with out flashing corresponding firmware.