E3D-v6 changing filament is an issue

So I have been using my new E3D-v6 for a few weeks and it works well however when I want to change filament I have a problem.

I print mostly ABS, when I want to switch I bring the hotend up to printing temperature (245c) and then pull the filament out. This is what I have done for the Buda and the Hexagon but when I do this with the E3D I pull and after about 10mm it stops and sticks (very hard!!). It’s like the hot filament gets into the cool zone and then sticks to the insides.

First time this happened I had to completely disassemble the E3D and heat up the cooling fins with a torch until I could pull the filament out and then soak it in Acetone overnight to remove the rest. I even pulled paper towels through it with acetone until there is absolutely no residue is left inside.

I just now had the same issue and I ended up trying to extrude a bit (was hard as it was really stuck but finally got it to move a little) and then I was able to pull again (hard) and it finally popped out, it was not pretty and I risked breaking stuff for how hard I had to pull.

So, is there a correct way to do this? Or is this an issue with the hotend that might be known? or any other help?


Well I think it’s actually acting like heat creep now as I had a print fail with the filament securely frozen into the tube that goes into the cooling fin section.

  1. The cooling fan is running full speed and the correct direction.
  2. I did use ample amounts of heat sync compound on the threads when assembling it.
  3. The fins are cool to the touch when printing.
  4. It is an original E3D-V6 bought from MatterHackers.

I have now had to take it 100% apart 2 times for this issue and it’s a real PITA.

Any ideas?

Oh, and I did go on E3D website and read through the trouble shooting guide but nothing helped.

I have information that says the thermistor type should be set to 5 on Marlin and from what I can tell that is what the HEX hotend used as well (can anyone confirm?)

I tried downloading the firmware again (for taz 5) but it appears it only works with Cura now and not the Arduino program. And in Cura it uploads it but does not give me an option to change anything so not sure I can make changes.

I have no problem with my E3D-v6. But I set my hotend to 140C for ABS and then pull it out.



The neck on the E3D is a bit narrower, and the melt chamber at the tip is a bit bigger. It can be more difficult to pull fillament. If you are encountering difficulties, hitting manual retract for 20mm or so first will make it easier to pull.

Extruding a little plastic just before you pull it out can help as well.

Thanks everybody, I think I will extrude a little then use retract next time I change filament.