Converting to E3d-V6 hotend

OK, I am going to do this and already ordered the E3D-v6 hotend (Genuine not a copy) and an aluminum mounting plate for the E3d (didn’t want to go to a printed one, it just feels like metal is needed here).

I know I need a new print cooling fan shroud and found this one

I know I need to auto tune PID…

I can wire it in (already have extra plugs/pins).

So am I missing anything? it seems pretty straight forward, is the included 100K Semitec NTC thermistor plug & play or do I need to change something in the firmware? I am a hardware and electronics guy and I can barely do software if I have step by step instructions.

Is there a better fan shroud than the one I linked to?

Thanks for any input.

This is the setup I use on my main machine. I like it, but I may be biased because its one of my designs anyways.

You can use a stock taz Thermistor with the E3Dv6 hotend body if you want to keep it compatable with the stock firmware. It seems to work quite well, and that way you don’t have to even touch the software and can swap your hexagon back in if necessary (change it over to a smaller / larger nozzle, etc.)

The E3d is using a cartridge style thermister which looks fairly robust.
Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 3.09.02 PM.jpg

Those must be new. The one I ordered from them looked more like the taz style. I ordered mine from the E3d store. That was about 6 months ago.

Apparently they are new and they are held in with a set screw like the heater cartridge.

So, will I need to change something in firmware to make this one work?

Here is a video showing the new cartridge

Probably. But it should be a simple process.

The one thing I hated about assembling the E3D is gone. I will never jack with a glass bead thermistor again!

Well the conversion to E3D-v6 is complete.

I did have to make my own filament fan shroud as both the ones I got on Thingiverse were not the right height. Piercet yours was too high up and could not be bolted to the original mount (I did not want to reprint the entire set you made). The other I got (linked to in first post) was actually too low and it would have crashed into the bed.

Also I ended up printing the E3D mount myself as the nice aluminum one I bought was very sloppy and I didn’t want that. I made my own and made it fit very snug (I posted it on Thingiverse if anybody wants it ).

In the end the only other thing I had to do was run the PID auto tune (it was hard to find instructions but easy to do once I did).

I have only printed a few things so far and all in ABS but I am hoping that PLA has no more heat creep issues.