E3D V6 heater/nozzle socks

If you haven’t purchased this accessory for your heater block / nozzle, it’s a must-have. Aleph Objects should include a sock as a standard part of the printer. Here’s a picture:

This ultra-inexpensive (~U$4.60 for three) does two extremely wonderful and valuable things for your printer: Keeps the heater block and nozzle clean – nothing stick to the silicone sock – and stabilizes temperature quite effectively. No more 10-20deg drops when the fan kicks in after the initial layer, which is a big problem at high temperatures (like 270-280 for Colorfabb_XT for example).

I prefer the one with the cutout for the whole nozzle. Lulzbot previously sad they dont include it because they had them come off during wipe procedure. Ive never had one come off.

I use the socks, and recommend them as well. Like @Keepbie81, I prefer the type that exposes the entire nozzle rather than the type pictured above.

I have had some (not a lot) of trouble with them coming loose. I finally solved that by securing it with safety wire around the top of the sock. It’s completely secure now, even if it gets pushed/pulled a bit during cleaning. Requires some extra work (have to remove the fan shroud for access to safety wire) – but the socks last for a long, long time so not a big deal.

Love to have one for my older hexagon hot-ends… anyone know of a source for those?

Didn’t know they made them with a larger cutout. The configuration shown does an excellent job (obviously) of keeping the nozzle clean. I haven’t had it come off yet during wiping, but I’ll pay close attention now that I know it’s a potential issue.

Thinking one could just take a handheld paper hole punch and punch out a larger opening, about the size of the nozzle extent. The package came with 3, and they’re dirt cheap, so I may try this myself anyway. Haven’t decided, as I’m having no issues so far with it as is.

Gotta say if you’re printing with temp materials on the Mini 2, like ABS, Colorfabb_HT, etc., the sock really improves temperature stability.

They do, generally same price. Here’s a link to one source https://www.amazon.com/Genuine-Silicone-Sock-Original-Pack/dp/B077TKBKR3/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=e3d+v6+silicone&qid=1557418932&s=gateway&sr=8-4.

I mainly use them to keep the block clean, but they definitely help with temp stability - particularly when using high cooling fan speed.

i get mine from Printed Solid. 3 of them for $6.99


I have a Mini. Will these socks fit?