Editing Text in an STL File

I am new to 3D printing with a Lulzbot MIni.
I downloaded an STL file from Thingiverse (Luggage_label_Customizer_2013-11-01_1.stl). I would like to replace the generic name and address info on the model with my own info. I would even like to increase the tag size. I cannot figure out how do either of these tasks and would appreciate advice or direction to resources that could help me.
Thanks, Pat

You can probably change the text on thingiverse with the customizer.

It took me a little while to figure out the customizer thing on thingiverse. Look to the right of the photo of the object, you’ll see a red “C” and “open in customizer”. Click that. It appears you can add ten lines of text, the tag will automatically adjust its size to accommodate what you write. Then click “create thing” – but UNCHECK “publish” in the popup, otherwise the world will get your address because the default is to publish it (seems odd, but that’s the way it is). Thingiverse’s servers will process the file into an stl, and in a short time (but not instantly), it will appear in the list of things you’ve made. You can then download the STL with the correct text embedded in the tag from there.

Alternatively, you can download the openScad file and open it in openScad (free in both senses: http://www.openscad.org/ ). You can then make your edits in openScad by editing the variable values starting on line 21, F5 to preview and once satisfied, F6 to compile – then from the menu export to stl. That particular tag you want to make has a dependency though – it needs “Write.scad” to process the textual components - the instructions on where to get that are right at the top of the source starting at line 5 and you’ll have modify line 14 to point to the place you put Write.scad.

Note, particularly for paragraph 2, I’ve assumed this is the correct tag: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:175150