edlink prints

Spinning top - 2 pieces. Slic3r & Pronterface, ABS, lulzbot fine_no support profile. Fully enclosed printer. TAZ4.
Fan on. Random seam position. Infill before perimeters. 5mm brim. Minimum print speed 10mm/s. 230c/95c
PET and Lulzjuice.

Extremely impressed with finish. Especially on the point. This thing spins like a boss. :smiley:

Spin it up! Use to do that back in the day :wink: Nice print edlink. What do the letters represent? Is the base a slab of MDF or a plastic print? Been a long time since I’ve seen a tri scale ruler.

The yellowish stuff is just a post-it note stack. White ABS doesn’t photograph very well. I need a darker background, but today I was in a hurry to get those pics taken so…

We’re having a “bring your kids to work” day in April, I was thinking of making these as swag for the kids.
Letters represent company I work for.

I’m a drafting and design guy. Thus the ruler.

3D printed swag … :laughing:

Much depends on how many kids get signed up.

We toyed with the idea of making some kind of whistle. :astonished: :open_mouth:
As in, that’ll teach the planning committee to schedule days like this… :smiling_imp:

Dancing Baby Groot - with material change. Unfortunately, the darn thing broke before it completed. I did however manage to do a material change during print. Relatively obvious where.

ABS - TAZ4 - Slic3r & Pronterface - Lulzbot Medium no_support profile

Super glued it together and almost perfect…just missing the tips of a few “branches”.

I might have to find that file. So how does one do a material change mid print?

I use Pronterface & Slic3r.

On the Pronterface console there’s a “pause” button.

Click that pause button when the nozzle is somewhere in the infill sections. Quickly pull the old filament out, stuff the new filament in, click the same button which has now been renamed “resume”, and cross fingers.

Do your best not to move extruder head in the process. It’s that simple.


New to 3d Printing (well almost), my TAZ 5 should be here Tuesday.
I’m a designer/modelmaker and I’ve been using 3d printed parts for many years, but this is the first time that I’ll actually own one.
So is Pronterface/Slic3r a good place to start?
Also, I noticed that you said you could pause the printer in Pronterface; could the pause be inserted into the g-code at a specific layer?

Thanks for any help you can give to a noob!

Sorry - didn’t see this until today.

I really like Pronterface and Slic3r. Lulzbot provides great profiles as starting points for specific materials.
I found CURA was not my friend, but that could very well be a Coke vs. Pepsi thing. :blush:
I’m playing with Kisslicer now instead of Slic3r. I’m pretty sure each program has things it excels at and things it’s a little weaker at.

I don’t know if you can program a pause into the gcode at a specific layer, but I’d be surprised to find out it’s impossible.

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I think I’ve decided on KISSlicer (now that I, apparently, have my graphics issue figured out) and then into Repetier-Host to run things.
But, As this is my first go into 3D printing, First things first,; I’ll be going through mhackney’s must excellent “A Strategy for Obtaining Great Prints” https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/a-strategy-for-obtaining-great-prints/1326/1

As for the pause, that’s something I’ll work on once my feet are good and wet.

Thanks again!

There is a cura plugin that is available by default that allows you to do this. It is like “pause Z at ___ mm”.