Tried to make a two colour sign offset

I am brand spanking new to this and I thought that my first real project should be to replace my no soliciting sign that is on my mailbox. So I read some stuff and I thought I understood the process but clearly I was wrong.

So I am printing in PLA (white for background and black for lettering) and when I got to the point where I thought I should switch between white and black I paused the print in cura. I switched the colour, did an extrude to get all of the white out and then in cura pressed resume.

This is what I ended up with. I don’t know if it is clear from the picture but the black is offset by a good inch to the right.

How do I do a second colour that is lined up with the first?

Other questions that I have yet to find answers for:

  1. Even if I pick the material do I have to also set the temperatures in the control menu?
  2. Which software is easy to begin for designing my own stl files?

Cool first project brother. Personally I’ve never swapped materials mid way through a print, but I’m not sure if manually pausing the print is the way to go. If you change to the expert settings and then go to the Plugins tab, there should be a “Pause at height” plug in that should streamline the filament swap process. Again, I’ve never used it but it’s worth a shot.

I’m not sure how the temps work on the Taz 6

Onshape is an amazing 3d modeling program. Super convenient because you never have to install it.

I got it to work by adding a plugin: Pause at layer. I found it here:

Works really well. I enter the layer I need it to stop at. To find that I click on the view mode icon at the top right and choose the layers icon. Then I used the slider bar at the bottom right to find the layer that only does the print and the ridge. It worked awesome.