Educational Brake Caliper

I have been thinking of this project for quite some time and it has finally been released! I have had a spare caliper around from my Race Car and my initial plan was to use the caliper to help in modeling the caliper and have the ability to pull the caliper apart and put it back together with the pieces.

It really worked out great and I am so happy with the project. I felt it had an excellent opportunity to be an educational piece as well as just a nice display. This entire project was printed on the Lulzbot Mini using both ABS and PLA.

I have also submitted this design to the #MakerEdChallenge contest on Thingiverse and I am looking forward to finding out the results.

If you are intereted in the model, the files can be found at the following links,



That looks great! Thanks for sharing.

EDIT: I’m sure you’re way ahead of the pack in the contest… Add a rotor, fake pads (you may have some in there, I skipped through the youtube) and use an air pump to simulate the hydraulic fluid. That would complete the simulation. :slight_smile:

Cheers, thanks kcchen_00,

Shes got pads in her, they are red. As things progress I will probably look at adding a brake rotor into the model. Thanks again!

If you want your youtube video to work you have to take the s off the https:\ and make it an http:\ . No idea why. but it works that way.

Thanks piercet :wink:

You’re welcome, I found that out the hard way heh.