Formula 1 model done on Mini!

Hi all,

This was all printed on the Lulzbot Mini. All items printed in PLA and they include Black PLA, Solid Orange PLA and White PLA.

Here is the link to the original file, The bottom plates are to large for the Mini and so I have modified plates available here,

This was a fun project and it can be used as either a model or a remote controlled car. I will share the remaining images as the build is completed.

This looks really good. Im about to start one myself.

What level if detail did you print this at?

It is quite the model! I am very happy with it. I printed all pieces with a .2mm layer height :slight_smile:

Looks great!


_ If anyone is interested in the F1 car and wants to look at trying their hand at an accessories design challenge for the F1 car have a look at a new contest from Pinshape,_*

All of the contest details can be found at the above link! Best of luck everyone.

I am including some more photos of my build of the OpenRC F1.