Einsy Retro on the Taz 6

I used to call my Taz 6 “da Beast,” because you could always hear it roaring several rooms away before seeing it. But seeing a few posts here about upgrading the Mini’s board from the Rambo-mini to the Einsy Retro got me thinking – why not?

So I bought one of those boards last week, pulled the latest Lulzbot Marlin and installed the retro on my Taz 6 this weekend. It took me most of the weekend, mostly modeling the new mounts and jig to drill for the reset button while thinking about which connections I really needed if dual extrusion through 2 nozzles was really something that I wanted to do.


I’m still using the home button, the automatic bed leveling that comes with the Taz 6, and can connect to it with Cura. But ended up going with senseless homing for XY instead and am trying out the lightweight UI that comes on the mini - I think I like it.

Now my biggest problem is the fan on the PSU, from a distance, it’s the only thing you can hear anymore. :slight_smile:

Thanks AO for being open source, it made this mod easy!

Edit: The YouTube embed isn’t working for me? Here’s a video of it in action. https://youtu.be/UfA3GhIWjZk

Neat mod. I never heard a taz6 in action. I cant think that it can be that different then a 5. Theres many different ways to silence a 5 even the psu.

I’d be curious to hear a larger part printing faster. If I ran mine that slow I doubt it would make any noise. I’ve found larger fans and dampeners made the largest noise difference. Plus stiffening things up.

Cool mod.

I picked up the Einsy Retro about two months ago - haven’t installed in in my Taz 6 yet - but I got it with the same idea of getting the Taz 6 a lot quieter! wondering if there were any problems hooking things up or changes you had to make to the wiring to get the board to work with the existing setup. Any details would be appreciated!

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Hi, I want to do this upgrade. Any way you can point me in the right direction? I know I need the Einsy board but would you have pictures maybe some instructions?

Following. I’d like to know too

So I’m going to go a slightly different route. The Duet 2 Maestro was recommended to me. I ordered the Duest 2 WiFi and will be installing it in the next couple of weeks.

I put a duet wifi in my Taz 6 and it’s quite nice. Talk about quieting down the printer. I’m now in the process of doing linear guides for the bed. Unfortunately the magnetic heated bed I got isn’t flat so I’m waiting for a piece of borosilicate glass to come.

What’s the process like for mounting and firmware?

I made my own mount that puts it in the control box. As for the wiring I made new pigtails that go from the duet wifi to the plugs on the back of the control box so that I could remove the stock control board with all it’s wiring in tact. As for bed leveling I did a BL-Touch and did not try doing the stock 4-point leveling but I suspect it could be done. That would be a question for the guys on the Duet wifi forum. Reprap firmware is easy to work with compared to marlin. It’s all text based files that you change right through the web interface for the duet.

Do you have a picture of the wiring you did?

I don’t have much of a picture…this is the only one I have.