Taz 6 with Duet Wifi board and BL-Touch

Just wanted to post this quick video I took of my Taz 6 which is now running off a Duet Wifi Mainboard, a Pitan extruder available on thingiverse and a BL-Touch for bed leveling. It’s amazing how much quieter the printer is due to the higher microstepping from the Duet Wifi board. The printer is now controlled right from my PC using a web interface and wifi.

I’m working on modifying the titan Aero mount that Itworks3d offers to work with this Pitan extruder since I would rather the single 5015 blower fan. I wanted to print reliably with 1.75mm filament so that I can share it between both my printers and this was the simplest solution I thought. I am putting together a similar extruder that will accept 2.85mm filament as well so I can just swap it easily and use both on the printer.

Here’s a short video showing how quiet my printer is now.

Also a big shoutout to Lulzbot for sending me replacement leadscrews for my printer. One of them had a bad wobble to it which was making some bad banding on my prints…it’s all good now that I replaced it.


Nice work!

Super quiet!

I’ve always wondered about changing the board. I have a duet wifi on my Delta. Nice job.

Thanks. I was a bit worried the wireless would have an issue inside the metal control box but I haven’t had any issues with reception. I may still design and print a plate to go where the stock display is since it’s not in use any longer.

Any chance you could do a bit of a write on the process for this? I’d love to upgrade the board but I’m not sure about mounting, wiring, or the firmware and haven’t found a good resource to start figuring it out.

I’m looking to replace my blown Rambo board on my Taz 5. Any how to guides out there on how to swap to the duet 2?