Enclosure for 3d printers . on the cheap (ish).

So I have been looking around for enclosures etc for my taz 5. The ones i found only had a lot of screws and printed parts, and heavy gauge acrylic and cost upwards of 3-$400 to do it the right way.
I came up with my own idea.

I bought a storage rack (24" deep is the key) at home depot. ONe larger piece of .2" acrylic and 2 small pieces of .93". Used dollar store foam board for the back. Thew it all together in a few hours and voila.

Less than $200 all in, and it works like a charm.


Hey this was handy, thanks. Found it when searching forms for enclosures. Did I miss you explain ventilation? That’s a primary concern for me, I have a tight space and don’t want to breath the fine particles.