Enclosure with electronics outside

When building an enclosure, most people seem to provide a port or duct to allow the electronics box to be ventilated outside. But this seems like it would bring a lot of outside air into the enclosure. Why not take the whole electronics box off and mount it on the outside of the enclosure?

If the enclosure were built right up against the left edge of the frame, this would probably only require a small amount of pulling of the cables to reach to the box (perhaps 1/2 to one inch). The cables themselves would have to go through the enclosure wall, but this could then be sealed up. Even if poorly sealed, this still exchanges a lot less air with the outside than a ventilation duct.

Is there some reason this wouldn’t work?

Relocating the electronics box outside the enclosure should be fine. Wire’s may need to be extended, but not by much.

I think was someone who relocated the LCD and electronics box outside of their enclosure…

Looking at the electronics box, the only open vents seem to be on the cover. Outside of the USB, the rest of the ports seem to have a good tight fit.

The cold air intake from the electronics box needs cold air, the expelled warm air can actually help heat a passibly heated enclosure, though not so much as the radiant heat from the working bits.

The LCD is safe inside or outside, outside might be more useful, but long serial cables like that are somewhat difficult to find anymore, and you might run into needing to sheild it if you go too far. Lots of ambient magnetic fields in a 3d printer.

I build my enclosure about as small as it can be for a fully enclosed printer. The faceplate of the electronics box sits just outside the plexiglass side. I moved the LCD to the outside of the front plexiglass. The cables just barely reach.


Without exhaust for your enclosure it can get it too hot for good printing on long prints. Also it’s nice to carry the smell and nano-particles outside and not in your lungs.

I have the electronics enclosed but I have an exhaust. I regulate the temperature by regulating the exhaust fan. But ideally it’s probably best to put a thermostatically controlled heater (besides the heat bed) inside the enclosure, and turn up the exhaust fan enough to make the second heater work a little. That would keep the temperature constant and you could set it below a dangerous temp for the electronics.

I have heard of people frying their electronics from letting them get too hot. Not sure what a safe max ambient is for this stuff. But I haven’t had any problems with my fully enclosed Taz. But again I do have an exhaust fan and duct venting to outside.