Enclosure Questions

I want to build an enclosure for my Taz. there are several reasons -
Noise, Heat Control, and Particulates
I’m hoping you can give me some suggestions.

  • Will it be a problem to leave the power supply inside the enclosure?
  • Should the Taz Controller be vented to the outside or can it remain completely inside?

I’m concerned that these two components may become overheated if sealed inside.

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Do NOT enclose the TAZ electronics. You need to have that vented to outside air to keep your RAMBOARD cool.

Thanks I was thinking about making a duct for the Taz Controller to the outside.
I found a couple of good threads about replacing the Power supply fan with those fluid bearing, ultra quiet Noctua fans.
Basic rule - keep all of the electronics cool and don’t feed them hot air from the enclosure.

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Someone just posted a nice design for an electronics ventilation duct for enclosures on Thingiverse…

I’m guessing this is the one -

Pulls air from outside and vents it into the enclosure.
Thanks for the idea.


Yep. That’s the one.

I made mine a minimum sized enclosure. I made a cutout for the face of the electronics box so all vents are still outside. I made the front of the enclosure just 1/2" past the full travel of the Y axis (further than it will travel under control). This allowed me to mount the controller to the outside of the front face without needing to make longer cables. The power supply is on the outside on the opposite side from the electronics box.