ending G-code to home extruder Z +100mm at bed center?

Is there an ending g-code command I can insert at the end of my files to center the extruder Z +100 at the center of my bed?

My bed on Taz 4 is 298x275x250mm with print center on xy axii at (149, 138).

Thank you for your response!

There is!

Change your end gcode to this (should work):

M104 S0 ; turn off extruder temperature
M140 S0 ; turn off bed
M107 ; turn off Extruder Fans
G28 X0 Y0  ; home X axis Y axis
G1 X149 Y138 ; center hot end
G92 ; set to relative positioning
G1 Z100 ; move Z axis up 100mm from current position
G91 ; set to absolute positioning
M84 ; disable motors

Keep in mind though, that your hot end will now be sitting above the print, potentially allowing the hot end to drip molten filament until fully cooled. It’s typically a better idea to have the hot end sit idle away from the print.

thank you Orias! Yes, good point not to center over print and drip on it! :blush: