Z axis Centimeter on Home?

It states in the guide…

Once lowered by approximately 1cm, press the Home Z button to home the
Z axis. The hot end will approach the heated bed and should stop around a
centimeter above the surface of the heated bed

Is this right??? Are you sure you dont mean a millimeter? I only ask because a Centimeter (which is 10mm) is quite some distance from the bed, certainly not a height which is just above a piece of paper.

Depends on where the endstop target is set. if it ships with the endstop target (flag) set 1CM from the bed, then it will stop 1CM from the bed. 1MM from the bed is still too high to print though, so I dunno?

I think it means that if you screw in the Z Adjustment Scew 10mm (20 turns) and then press “HOME” then the nozzle tip should be 10mm (+an teeny bit for proper nozzle height but perhaps that comes later in the guide) above the bed. If the tip to bed distance is greater or less than 10mm then you know that in its previous configuration it was not homed at 0mm from tip to bed.

It’s a conservative safety check! Since the firmware is set to not allow manual movements in the negative direction until that axis has been homed, we want to ensure that when it does so, it does so safely.

By making the first Z axis homing movement stop rather high above the bed, we’re making sure that the Z axis homing setting has not been changed during shipping/assembly, so that the hot end does not try to push past the bed, potentially damaging the hot end, the glass bed or something else…