Enhanced G29 || Marlin Development

Hello Guys,

i just finished installing my capacitive probe on my Taz, and posted here on the forum.

Now I’m interested on getting the Enhanced G29 version of the auto level or the new marlin development on my Taz 5. Has anyone tried this before? I’m just asking before re-inventing the wheel.

Apparently the development version of the marlin firmware include some optimization to the original version, posted on 3dprintboard. But I don’t know how compatible with the other areas of the software that code is.

The current marlin software that taz ship with is pretty old, it does not even support the grid level, So before porting everything I’m asking here if anybody tried it before :slight_smile:

Vitor Henrique

Hi there,

Check with TechSavvy on his auto-leveling mod here. He may have updated to a more recent version of Marlin to use the Grid leveling as well: