Using the G29 command

Hi all. I’m trying to use the G29 (auto bed level detection) command on my TAZ gen 1 without any luck. I’ve installed the z-switch on the carriage and done the other modifications listed in this thread:

I have it all installed but for some reason I can’t get the RAMBO board to recognize the G29 command (or G30-G32 for that matter). I have straight copied the gcode and configuration.h file from the first post on this thread so I’m not sure where my difference is. The switch works, the probe works, and I can level the bed with the probe by hand but I would love to have it level by itself.

Does anyone have any advice or experience using the G29 command for auto bed leveling?

A picture of my set-up just for the heck of it



Are you sure you’re flashing the new firmware? When you connect to the printer in Pronterface, it will dump some text, like the version number. What is it saying there? It should list the build time/date.