Trying to clean the nozzle, so I’m trying to get the unit up to temperature to remove it. But at power on, my screen show “Err MINTEMP”. I’ve removed the extruder and dismantled it a few times but all the wires seem to be connected properly, all the screws are in place, etc. Anybody have the same problem?

Make sure you have the heater cartridge and thermistor connected properly. They are both two pin connectors. That error is generally due to a disconnected, improperly connected or failed thermistor.

I am currently having this issue with my Taz 6 after a user error ruined one of our toolheads. I’m attempting to install a new toolhead but can’t get anywhere because the screen won’t clear the Err E1 MINTEMP. Anyone have success with this?

I am having the same errors here. It started with a z-axis binding issue. During the process of identifying that problem, the Err E1 Minitemp error came up. Now I can’t do anything either.

I have 2 Taz 6 machines with one being setup for dual extrusion. I was able to swap toolheads but that didn’t stop the error.

Open to any suggestions…