TAZ Single Extruder Tool: E1 Err: MINTEMP

On my Taz6, when trying to boot the printer with my Single Extruder, the printer will launch with an E1 Err: MINTEMP PRINTER HALTED Please Reset Message.

Printer launches fine with my Moarstruder head.

After looking at a few forums, most people suggested it was a wire break in the thermistor wiring.

I checked the continuity from of the red and black wire that are harnessed to the 16 pin connector and that was good.

When checking resistance in the blue wires of the thermistor, I’m not reading any resistance.

Does this mean the hot end is no good?

Did you change the printhead type in cura’s settings AND reflash the firmware?

Yes, I have tried this a few times over the past two months waiting for lulzbot support to get back to me. (Unfortunately no response from lulzbot yet. After joining the forum now I understand why with the ownership changes and location move).

I’m able to connect the moarstruder to the printer with the single extruder firmware active.

Okay, then your thermistor is probably bad as you should be reading some resistance, like about 100k ohms. I refer you to this post:

Thanks Joe :+1:

I checked out that post. I have resistance across the heater cartridge pins.

I pulled out the thermistor and pulled back some blue insulation near the copper jacket and it is reading open. Something must have broken inside the jacket on the thermistor becuase everything looks okay on the outside.

I have a new thermistor on order now: https://www.amazon.com/E3D-v6-Thermistor-Kit/dp/B014G85HKO/ref=pd_sbs_328_5/134-4688261-3015946?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B014G85HKO&pd_rd_r=b6cae064-230c-422f-86f7-3355a5d76444&pd_rd_w=DV0Hn&pd_rd_wg=RQch1&pf_rd_p=7cd8f929-4345-4bf2-a554-7d7588b3dd5f&pf_rd_r=ENNCRCSMP080XSXKBM5N&psc=1&refRID=ENNCRCSMP080XSXKBM5N

(I would have purchased the kit through lulzbot, but I’ve seen a couple people’s orders aren’t being filled.)

Hopefully this does the trick.

Thanks again for the help!

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Unfortunately, that’s not the right thermistor. You’ll need a bulb, not a cartridge.

To give you a spot of hope, I DID hear back from Lulzbot support on my ticket from Jan 2 days ago so they are going through the queue

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Ohh opps… Where would be a good source to get the correct thermistor?

Thermistor seems to be correct. The quick connects on the new thermistor were backwards to what was currently on the extruder (Male to Male / Female to female). So far prints have all been good for the past few day after swapping quick connects around.