Estep question

Hey guys, so I have a Taz 5 (bought about 3 years ago) and I recently began doing some fine tweaks with it. (Don’t judge, I’ve been away from it for over 18 months). Did all the basics with bed leveling, heating filament/bed properly for the filament (inland PETG), disassembled and cleaned the hot end and gear components. But when I started to calibrate the extrusion I came to bump. Normal estep was set at 800, however when I performed the 100mm extrusion test I had to bump that estop all the way to 1700 and still can’t get it to extrude 100mm, closest I’ve come is 70mm. Seems no matter how high I go, it’s like the extruded won’t do anymore than that (tried upping it to 1800 and got the exact same results). Measured the tension bolts on the idler assembly and they both measure 10mm apart as suggested in the manual. Any suggestions I can try to better my results? Thanks for listening.

No suggestions?

Try lowering the extrusion speed you’re using when you calibrate. I’ve had this issue while trying to push plastic out too fast during a calibration before.

Also check the set-screw inside of the small herringbone gear to make sure that’s nice and tight against the flat portion of the motor shaft.

Here’s our guide on calibrating e-steps with Cura:

Thank you, I’ll check it out. My speed is 55s/mm which I thought was fairly slow, but I’ll try slowing it down further.