eSUN PLA+ Filament

I saw that Amazon is selling eSUN PLA+ filament. From the product description:

PLA+ Advantages:
Blended with special biodegradeable bio-polyester
High rigidity. Good Glossiness
10 times tougher than PLA
Smoother finished printouts
No cracking or brittle problem

Also, I believe I saw a PLA to PLA+ comparison spec sheet in one of the product images.

Curious if anyone has been using this filament and sees any difference from the non plus PLA that eSUN markets?

Thanks, Lance

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll buy some now and report back.

So I got some and it is great! It prints just like PLA, probably better than my other eSun PLA. I do a very casual strength test with materials: I print this somewhat flimsy bottle opener and count how many beers it opens before it breaks. So far, this PLA+ is doing much better than regular PLA. I’ll let you know the final results.

That is great news! I would also be curious if the strength translates into the PLA+ not cracking and breaking as it spools while printing. The eSUN regular PLA doesn’t do that all the time, but often enough to be annoying.

Also, which profile are you printing with?


I’m printing with a custom profile, but I think it’s just a slightly modified version of the regular Lulzbot PLA profile. I could send it to you if you want, but it just has minor tweaks as I recall (I’m on a Lulzbot Mini by the way).

I have been trying to print this Eiffel Tower .stl that I created for a while with PLA using all sorts of settings. While printing this one section, the constant retraction was eventually grinding my filament and ending the print prematurely! I tried everything with my settings and couldn’t get it to print (it is a VERY hard print too). However, the PLA+ is printing it right now with no issues, so it is definitely less brittle in the spool I would say!

No need to send the profile. I was just curious as to whether you had created custom settings for the PLA+.

But again that is good news on the filament. If you print supports, I’d also wonder if they are harder to clean up with this stronger PLA.

Regardless, looks like I’ll be ordering a spool to try out.

Thanks for all the testing!