Lulzbot PLA very brittle

Hello community,

I opened up a relatively new spool (sitting on the shelf for 2ish months) of white 3mm Lulzbot PLA and started trying to do a couple prints but I’m running into an issue with the brittleness of the filament. The filament will snap in multiple locations at the start and in the middle of prints. So far I’ve had the filament snap and the ripple cause multiple snap points through the entire guide tube, similar to what you would expect from a spaghetti snapping. I am constantly getting snaps right at the entrance to the hobble bot, and some times get snaps at the entrance of the guide tube from the spool side. I saw a video where someone through the spool in some warm water to get the plastic to relax, but that doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Any suggestions or do I just have a bad spool from Lulzbot?


Is it the eSun or Village plastics brand? I have never used the Village Plastics brand but eSun is a little more brittle on the spool than other more expensive brands I use. I have had great print results from the eSun, however. There is a reason some brands are more expensive than others. The reason is higher quality material. :slight_smile:

It’s ESUN - I did a print with some Blue Lulzbot ESUN plastic and didn’t have nearly as many issues. I also didn’t know there were two kinds of Lulzbot plastic vendors. How much more is Village?

I have see varying levels of brittleness in the eSun. I am not sure why. I think the Village Pla is around $45 per kg.

Is there any large distributor with good quality that wont break the bank? I don’t mind buying in bulk.

Ultimachine has good stuff. If you buy $500 or more, their five pound spools of PLA are $71.

Where is that deal? I only see the 5kg for $101

Sorry. You have to shoot them an email. It isn’t available on the website.

Eight spools end up costing us $616 with tax and shipping.