New printer and eSun PLA+

Hey everyone. I am new to 3D printing and just picked up a TAZ 6 and so far I am loving it! My first reel of filament is eSun PLA+ in black. I have printed a few things, all under the default for eSun PLA using Cura and it prints real well. However, I think I am having over-extrusion. Maybe you guys can verify that. Still learning all of the tips, tricks and such. I made a case and it has some lines/bumps in the outside.

Changed the filament diameter to 3.00 and did a second print of a friend’s logo and it looks much better.

Do you guys have any tips on some of these settings in Cura? I see more often than not other printers having shell thickness at 1.5-2mm. Is that better than having it at 1mm? I think the default settings are pretty good to stat with, just trying to get the most out of the printer. overall, I am pleased with the PLA+. I look forward to getting into other materials but for a first filament and PLA in general, I think it is pretty good.

Thanks, Rich

Hi Rich,

You will no doubt see many responses about measuring your filament diameter and setting it correctly in the software. That as well as alternatively turning down the flow rate slightly. After doing a little research I’ve decided that the filament manufacturers I buy from (primarily eSun, Hatchbox, and Taulman) are fairly accurate in that if they specify 3.00mm as the size, that is what I use. If they specify 2.85mm that is what I use. The eSun HIPS I’ve actually gone in and edited the default profiles so that even if I use quickPrint settings the filament diameter is what I set it to.

I also always try to keep shell thickness a multiple of the nozzle diameter.l and thicker shells result in stronger parts which allow me to reduce infill many times.

Thanks! You know, I didn’t even think about the filament measurement but perusing the forums I saw a couple of posts about it so I went out to the garage, got my calipers and yep, it was 3.00. The initial rocktopus with nGen printed great, but that filament must be 2.85, which is what everything defaulted to.

How can you add profiles to the software? I was able to save an ini so I can later load it but I would love to add profiles I set to be listed. Do I need to modify the actual config in Cura to manually add them?

So the lines in the side of that case I posted, that is over extrusion, right? Just trying to learn the different things to look for.

As for shell thickness, I’ll have to play around with it and see what difference it makes. I just found it odd that a lot of the times I see people say or show 1.5-2mm of shell thickness yet the Cura software for LB defaults to 1. I realize it is just a starting point, but was wondering if there was benefit to it being 1mm.

I also want to see about playing around with initial layer thickness. noticed that was yellow when set to the default of .425. I see a lot of people set that to 0, although I set mine to .35 for now.

So much to get used to and learn but really rewarding as you watch those prints come to life before your eyes!

I think I have the PLA+ dialed in pretty good now. Setting diameter correctly seems to have fixed the over extrusion. I changed shell thickness to .1.5 but did not notice any difference. I changed temp to 210 and it printed pretty nice, little more fluid. I may dial it back to 207/8.

I still have to change initial layer to 0.0 and see if anything changes and I will continue to play around in general. Loving the printer though. just need to get some more colors and filaments!

I’ve been using this Filament for a while now, and really enjoying it. I did have some issues with over extrusion (I will definitely try your settings). I’ve been printing @ 205 Degrees so far without any issues.

I will post some pictures of my current project later.

Amazon stopped carrying the black I’ve been using, but I was able to order it direct. Hasn’t arrived yet, but I don’t see any issues with it as it is the same supplier that Amazon was fulfilling for.

I would love to see the project!

I really do like the PLA+. Nice finish, flexible and prints real nice. Amazon has limited colors all of a sudden but I did find it on Introserv’s website, which is the same seller on Amazon. Thing is, I have lots of GCs for Amazon, so I will wait. I was really wanting gray but they were out so I thought I would try the Raptor PLA form makergeeks. I can then compare it to the PLA+ as well.

Sorry for the slowish delay.

Here is my current project all glued up. It’s a gun from the game Planetside 2.

Swapping to the 3mm diameter helped clean up some of the overextension, but now I have very minimal under extrusion on a few minor parts of the newest print, definitely a better place to be in, as I can just fill those compared to having to sand the overs off.

Printed as 16 pieces, and then banded and glued with a thin super glue ( in place.

WOW!! That is so cool!!!